How to request repair authority

Complete an enquiry form

If you don’t already have access to our online system, you can simply click here to fill out a brief enquiry form including your contact details. Send it off, and one of our team will be in touch soon to advise on what happens next.

complete enquiry form

Contact us by phone

If you’d prefer to speak directly to a member of our team, please call our helpline number 0800 0778 489. We do get busy at peak times, so you may sometimes find it’s quicker to fill out an online enquiry form. 

contact by phone

The Automotion online system

Our online system is the fastest way to pass on all the details we’ll need to provide a quick response. If you don’t already have access, you can request it using the online form above.



If you want to know more about how we can help you, why not click here to take a look at our frequently asked questions.


Our repair process, step by step

Contact us

 Get in touch using one of the methods outlined above: enquiry form, phone call, or using our online system

If you are an approved repairer then it is expected that payment will be made in the normal monthly process. If you are not an approved repairer, then the normal process is that payment is made on the monthly payment run on the 19th of the month after the invoice is received. If you need to arrange any alternative payment method, please discuss this with the team using the Enquiry Form or Telephone number above.

Examining the vehicle

> So that we can establish whether the failure is covered by our warranty, you’ll need to get the customer’s authority to examine their vehicle and then diagnose the fault.

Once you’ve inspected the vehicle, it’s on to Step 3.

Advice and authorisation

> Contact a member of our team using one of the methods outlined above and let us know: the customer’s name and vehicle details (registration number or VIN), details of what failed and why, and details of the repairs proposed - including a breakdown of parts and labour.

A member of our team will typically respond within 10 minutes to advise on next steps. As soon as we’ve confirmed the fault is covered, and we’ve approved the costs, we’ll issue you with an authority number. You can then get on with the repair, and we’ll pay you after we’ve received a valid invoice.

Send us your invoice

> You can upload your invoice either through the Automotion online system or by attaching it using the online enquiry form above.

If you’re already one of our approved repairers, you would typically be paid as part of the usual monthly process. If you’re not an approved repairer, you will normally be paid on the 19th of the month following receipt of your invoice. If you need to arrange an alternative payment method, you can discuss this with a member of our team using the enquiry form or phone number above.